Few factors affect an organization's long-term success more than the quality of its leaders.

Our approach and core principles

At Fine Points, we collaborate with you to implement leadership development solutions that accelerate your business strategies.  We anchor on your organization’s strategy, mission, culture, and purpose and approach every engagement through the lens of our four core principles:

  1. Do well today and better tomorrow.  Leadership development is a journey.  We help you create a roadmap and navigate the path to “better everyday” continuous improvement.
  2. Develop the whole person. Leadership development should focus as much on ‘who you are’ (personal traits and drivers) as ‘what you do’ (competencies and experiences).    
  3. Outcome-based development.  Leadership development is about helping leaders develop exemplary skills that are observable consistently, over time, and in a variety of circumstances.
  4. Service to people.  Leadership development is about helping leaders know what motivates other people, and how to gain their commitment to vision and success through a service leader mindset.

Assessing and growing top talent

Fine Points' assessments help you gain a holistic understanding of your leaders: who they are, what motivates them, and what skills they need to cultivate.   We help you develop a complete talent picture of individuals, teams, and your organization as a whole so you can leverage your strengths and address growth areas.  Rooted in 30 years of behavioral research and proven with thousands of customers, Fine Points provides actionable insights that you can apply at every organizational level:

  • Executives.  Build a bench of strategically ready leaders able to meet critical business challenges, both now and in the future.
  • High-Potential Leaders.  Improve leadership effectiveness and prepare your people for bigger and broader leadership roles in the organization.
  • Emerging Leaders.  Identify and develop the next generation of leaders at all levels of the organization, starting with individual contributors.

Leadership learning experiences

We create highly engaging and reflective development experiences for employees in organizations all over the world.  Our unique approach accelerates growth and improves content retention by actively engaging learners in a way that is personal and meaningful, while providing practical tools and insights to implement back at work.

  • The Leadership Challenge® Workshop.  Through immensely practical and hands on learning, Fine Points helps bring out the value of the collective “wisdom in the room”, allowing participants space to learn from others in their organization through group activities and guided dialogue.  Participants learn what people look for in their leaders, and how to apply The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® in their current roles. Each person will leave the workshop experience with a personal plan of action for applying key learnings from the workshop in the workplace, prepared to implement new leadership practices on the job, beginning day 1.
  • Advanced Leadership Cohort Experiences.  This cohort-based development experience is designed to strengthen leadership capabilities through learning groups.  The 7-month experience leverages ongoing group learning and individual coaching to help participants internalize The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® in a way that is profoundly transformative.  Participants immerse themselves deeply in the material, and emerge with new relationships and a built-in support system for ongoing growth as general managers.  
  • Executive Retreats and Offsites for Top Performers.  Fine Points hosts fully integrated leadership development and trust-building experiences for executive teams.  We partner with luxury resorts and adventure outfits in Colorado to create memorable executive retreats that enhance learning, reinforce common values, build trust and a sense of community within teams.


Coaching for individuals or groups

Fine Points coaches begin by guiding leaders to deeper insight about how their beliefs, values, and motivations drive their behavior at work.  We help leaders understand themselves relative to best-practice leadership profiles, clarify their goals, and develop a plan for personal action.  By integrating these elements, we are able to reinforce leadership behaviors and help leaders transform performance at a personal, interpersonal, and organizational level.
  1. Individual coaching with leaders accelerates their expansion of self-awareness, improves their leadership effectiveness, and prepares them for future critical roles in the organization.
  2. Team and cohort coaching enables small groups of leaders with shared development goals to improve effectiveness while also forging new or deeper business relationships.