Private Events and Retreats

Fine Points hosts private leadership workshops and experiences that are profoundly transformative for individuals in organizations of all sizes.  Audiences typically include business executives, high-potential people managers, emerging leaders / individual contributors, and enterprise sales teams.  Cohort groups typically range from 10 to 30 participants.  

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The Leadership Challenge Workshop (2 days)

Through immensely practical and hands on exercises, participants will learn techniques for applying The Leadership Challenge® principles to their current roles, build a personal plan of action for applying key learnings from the workshop in the workplace, and be prepared to implement new leadership practices on the job, beginning day 1.  Fine Points recommends all participants new to The Leadership Challenge® begin with this course.

Premium Keynote Speakers

Fine Points partners with renowned speakers and authors to provide a premium workshop experience for your teams. These expert speakers are available for one or both workshop days - up to 10 hours per day - and speak on a variety of topics. Speakers typically deliver the keynote session to kick off your workshop, are available to participate in consultative group conversations and 1 to 1 side meetings throughout the day. Topics include:

  • Business Technology and DevOps
  • Business Technology and The Cloud
  • Global Development
  • Positivity
  • Women In Leadership

Executive Retreats and Offsites for Top Performers

Fine Points hosts fully integrated leadership development and trust-building experiences for executive teams. We partner with luxury resorts and adventure outfits in Colorado to create memorable executive retreats that enhance learning, reinforce common values, and build trust within teams.

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